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Notes on the Relationship between mean, median and mode

In case of a normal or a symmetrical distribution mean=median=mode. When the frequencies are not properly distributed it is called as an asymmetrical or skewed distribution. If it is moderately asymmetrical distribution the following empirical relationship holds good.

General Rules for drawing Diagrams and Graphs

Following points must be kept in mind while constructing a diagram or graph. Every diagram or graph must have a serial number. It is necessary to distinguish one from the other.

What is the difference between Trial-and-Error and Insightful Learning?

The cat in Thorndike’s puzzle box learns to connect a response with a stimulus, which is subsequently rewarded. The learning by trial-and-error is a matter of S-R connection. Kohler’s chimpanzee learns to perceive the relationships between various aspects of the stimulus situation.

What is the relationship between Psychology and Anthropology ?

Psychology has relationship with anthropology or the “science of man”. Anthropology studies the history of human race, the physical evolution of mankind, and the development of human civilization. It is concerned with the social problems of primitive man and their culture, tradition, customs, and manners.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Introspection Method of Psychology ?

The introspection method has advantages as well as disadvantages. First, let us consider the advantages. It is an easy and simple method and provides direct observation of mental processes. By other scientific methods, the mental processes cannot be directly observed since those are purely private and personal experiences.

Relationship between Sociology and Political Science?

Political Science and Sociology are no doubt, intimately connected. Both the sciences are mutually helpful. Political activity is only a part of social activity. Thus, Political Science is regarded as the branch of social science. The political activities influence and are influenced by the social life of man.

What is the difference between Inspiration and Expiration?

The difference between Inspiration and Expiration is that the former is an active process whereas the latter is an passive process. Contraction of external intercostals muscles and relaxations and internal intercostals muscles occur whereas relaxations of external intercostals muscles and Contraction of internal intercostals muscles occur.

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