Political Science and Sociology are no doubt, intimately connected. Both the sciences are mutually helpful. Political activity is only a part of social activity. Thus, Political Science is regarded as the branch of social science. The political activities influence and are influenced by the social life of man. Political activities will have no meaning outside the social content. Political Science gives Sociology facts about the organisation and functions of the State and Government.

Sociology studies various political institutions, associations and organizations by the help of Political Science. Political Science studies the present social problems through Sociology. Moris Ginsberg writes, “Historically, Sociology has its main roots in politics and philosophy of History.”

The State in its early form was more a social institution than a political one. Moreover, a political scientist must be also a sociologist. The laws of the State have a great influence upon society. The laws are largely based on customs and traditions. Thus, Paulzannet says, “Political Science is a part of Sociology. Sociology borrows Political Science and Political Science borrows Sociology.” It is rightly said that society is the mirror of political life of the country. Both are the two sides of the same coin.