What are the disadvantages of open office ?


An open office denotes a large hall where the entire staff are accommodated. In the large ball, departmental demarcation is done with the help of filing cabinets or shelves. Now-a-days most of the business houses have a tendency to go for open office but the idea of discarding private rooms may not be there. A few private offices are allotted to top executives whose work involves secrecy. Open offices ensures better utilisation of space and facilitate, are intra-departmental communication. These are not free’ from limitations. These limitations are:

(a) It is not suitable to maintain privacy in operation.

(b) It creats a lot of disturbances as there is concentration of office staff at one place.


(c) Minor incidents may lead to suspension of work because a minor incident may draw the attention of the entire staff.

(d) The flow of work is disrupted because noise-producing machines distract the attention of the office staff.

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