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How to write Letter for Office Complaints?

One often has occasions to complain about certain matters regarding one’s office. It could be concerning lack of amenities or some other inconveniences. Such a letter is in two parts, first describing the cause of complaint and the second offering a solution.

350 words sample essay on Post Office

Post-office is very helpful to us. It helps us in many ways. Through post office we send and get our letters. It is a branch of Indian postal department. In past there was no post office at all.

What are the various steps involved in filing routine ?

Filing is a form of record keeping in files for future reference. It provides a means of preservation of business records for reference at a future date. The processes of arranging and storing records so that they can be located when required. The routine which helps in smooth handling of files is called filing routine.

What are the needs and importance of office automation ?

The word automation denotes replacement of human labour by machine. The mechanical operations in office with less human participation is termed as automation. The word mechanization and automation should not be considered as synonymous.

What are the various mechanical aids used for handling of mails ?

Mail service is regarded as one of the most important service rendered by office because a business strive on records. The dictionary meaning of the term “mail” denotes correspondence or a batch of letters received through or sent by post.

What are the various steps involved in handling incoming mail in an office ?

Office correspondence means communication in writing on subject of mutual interest either within the organization or outside the organization and it takes the form of a letter, a circular, and a notice. The written communication sent through the post office or the messenger is called, “dak” or mail.

What are the factors you must considered while selecting office accommodation ?

Maximum control and optimum use of office work of clerical force can be attained if the office is properly situated and built. The selection of a suitable site for the business office is not an easy task and therefore utmost care will be exercised for taking a decision on the location of the office.

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