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What are the new Careers opportunities open to a Young Man in India ?

We live in a highly competitive as well as organized society. Its ever-increasing needs can only be met by expert or specialized knowledge. The specialist is in very great demand today and has rare opportunities for self-advancement. This has created a variety of new openings for our young men and even women.

What are the disadvantages of open office ?

An open office denotes a large hall where the entire staff are accommodated. In the large ball, departmental demarcation is done with the help of filing cabinets or shelves. Now-a-days most of the business houses have a tendency to go for open office but the idea of discarding private rooms may not be there.

Why open office is preferred for office work?

When all men, departments and office equipments are accommodated in a single room without partition, it is called an open office. Under this system, the departmental divisions are made in shelves or filing cabinet.

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