What are the advantages of an Open Office?


Now the question is whether each department will be provided with separate rooms or all the departments of the office will be accommodated in one large hall. There is a tendency among the office personnel to prefer open office rather than private or separate rooms for each section. Both the systems have advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of open office

1. Better space utilization is possible, because space has not been lost by partitions.


2. The section-heads or supervisors feel easy to watch the office. It is also possible to reduce the number of supervisors.

3. The layout of the office can be altered or changed without any expense.

4. There is more economy in arrangement of light.

5. Easy communication from department to department is possible.


6. Decoration, cleaning and maintenance can be done inexpensively.

7. Better working condition is possible.

8. It reduces the movement of staff.

Disadvantages of open office


1. Work will be affected by visitors and movement of the staff themselves.

2. There will be internal noise, because of the conversation and talks in the office by staff themselves or visitors.

3. Infections and disease may spread quickly.

4. A big hall may not be efficiently supervised.


5. The office will appear to be a crowded place.

6. Secrecy cannot be maintained.

7. Top executives may not feel comfortable in the open office.

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