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Short essay on how to improve education in India

Increased public investment in education Technology-enhanced open and distance learning should focus on capacity building of personnel, especially professional teams, creating integrated distance-learning environments, development of instructional software and creation and management of student-support networks.

How to improve communication in organization?

Communication may be grouped under the following three heads: An organized face-to-face communication, such as listening to a lecture or to a ratio programme is known as speaking listening communica­tion.

How to improve the communication process in any organization?

How to improve the communication process in any organization? Some sociologist, educationists, psychologists, anthropologists and rural sociologists have described the process through various models. Their usefulness lies in the manner in which they are used.

How to improve communication skills of any person?

How to improve communication skills of kids, children’s, students, teachers and employees?  The perception a person has of himself as a sender and a receiver in a communication system determines his effectiveness as a communicator.

How to improve the standard of your house?

Prehistoric man lived in caves to protect himself against sun and rain, and wild animals. It is not known how early he started building a home for himself.

How to improve your Precis writing skills?

Precis is a faithful record of the ideas contained in the passage. There should be no mis-representation, no distortion and no inaccurate understanding of the passage.

Here is a Method That is Helping salesman’s to improve their sales

The significance of a perfect and up dated knowledge need not be overemphasized, because it has its own standing in salesman career. It goes without saying that an ignorant salesman is a liability to the employer, enemy to himself  and the threat to the customers.

Here’s a Quick Way to improve your sales personality

Sales personality is something which is rarely given with. That is, all salesmen are not salesmen. Hence, only alternative is to develop it. This tends to support the idea “salesman neither born nor made.” But “salesman are born and made.”

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