How to improve the placement services in educational sector?


The term placement refers to the assigning of a worker to the job for which he is judged best fitted. Fitness includes the individual’s satisfaction as well as his abilities in relation to the job. Thus in placement service two things are important: (i) fitness for the job and (ii) satisfaction of the individual, who is fitted for a particular job.

Placement service includes educational placement and vocational placement. Vocational placement implies that while assigning an individual to some job care must be taken to select for him a job or occupation for which he is best filled and which will provide him job satisfaction.

Educational placement, on the other hand is a service which aims at placing the individual in appropriate courses or educational situations which best suits to the ability and taste of the individual student concerned. Keeping in view different vocational goals, educational placemen! of the students takes place. Students get proper education and training before their job placement. Thus job placement and educational placement go, hand-in-hand.


Aims of Placement Service

Placement service is a process, which helps for the realisation of the aims of guidance and counseling in respect of job-placement of the students. Thus its basic objective is welfare and adjustment of the inĀ­dividuals in the context of a job for which he is best fitted and from which he gets satisfaction.

Types of Placement Service

(i) Educational Placement Service:


As discussed earlier, educational placement is provided lo the pupils keeping in view their vocational goals. Taking into considerations the education and experience of an individual job placement in made.

Educational placement involves placement of the pupils in regular courses, in different curricular and co-curricular activities and in further education. Thus educational placement service is provided lo all the pupils of all grades.

Characteristic of Educational Placement Service

(a) It helps pupils in selection of school subjects.


(b) It helps pupils in their transfer from one grade to another grade or from institution to another institution.

(c) It helps pupils for their preparation in the next course.

(d) It develops interests among the pupils for community service.

(e) It helps the pupils to find part time employment.


(f) It helps the pupils for their participation in different co-curricular activities.

(g) It helps the students to enter into vocational schools of training, different training institutions and colleges.

(h) It helps pupils in locating and securing employment when they leave their schools.

(ii) Vocational Placement service:


Vocational placement means assigning the individuals to some job for which he is most filled and which will give him full satisfaction. One of the primary consideration at the student’s learning centre is to guide the pupils after their completion of education for proper vocational placement. This service helps the students in locating and securing employment, when they leave the school. Even it helps the student to get part-time employment.

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