Various measures taken by the central and state governments from time to time, some of them are:

1. To begin with government took lead in providing various facilities on its own. In course of time different types of activities were entrusted to specific public agencies.

2. The government abolished the zamindari system. It was followed with the consolidation of small holdings to make them economically viable.

3. Another important input was the widespread use of radio and television for acquainting farmers in new and improved techniques of cultivation.


4. The crop insurance was another step to protect the farmers against losses caused by crop failure on account of natural calamities like drought, flood, hailstorm, cyclone, fire, diseases etc.

5. Easy availability of capital or investment input through a well-knit network of rural banking and small scale cooperative societies with low interest rates were other facilities provided to the farmers for modernisation of agriculture.

6. Special weather bulletins for farmers were introduced on radio and television.

7. The government announced minimum support price for various crops removing the elements of uncertainty. It ensures minimum price for the crop grown by the farmers.