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What is an association? Can you regard the state as an association?

An association is a group of persons, having common views, associated or organized for a common end. The main feature of an association is that it is meant for certain definite purpose or purposes which are realized through the co-operative efforts of its members.

What do you mean by Association ?

Men have diverse needs, desires and interests. All these needs cannot be fulfilled by man himself. So people from different groups and association to cater various needs. When a Coma group of people organize itself expressly for the pursuit of some common interests or interests, an association is born.

Difference between State and Association

The state is essentially a territorial organisation. The activities of a state are confined to its own territory. But other associations may not be con­fined to a particular territory. Associations like the Rotary Club or the Red Cross Society have a worldwide organisation. They are global in their membership and activities.

Difference between Memorandum and articles of Association

Memorandum and articles are public documents. They are inter-linked and require to be registered for the formation of a company. Where there is any ambiguity or where the memorandum is silent on any point…

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