What do you mean by Association ?


Men have diverse needs, desires and interests. All these needs cannot be fulfilled by man himself. So people from different groups and association to cater various needs. When a Coma group of people organize itself expressly for the pursuit of some common interests or interests, an association is born. A mere group of people without having common end does not form an association.

A collection of individual or a crowd without having a definite aim cannot form an association. A family, a club, a political party, a college, a trade Union, a municipality etc. some of the examples of associations. In all these cases, these social groups have a specific goal to attain. As the interests of men are manifold, there are various associations to fulfillment economic, social political and other interests of people. Hence, an association is an organised group formed for the specific purpose of fulfilling the common needs of a number of people!




“An association is an organisation deliberately formed for the collective pursuit of some interest, or a set of interests which its members share”.

Morris Ginsberg:

“An Association is a group of social beings.”Elated to one another by the fact that they posses or have instituted in common an organisation with a view to securing a specified end or specific ends”.


E. ST Bogardus:

“Association is usually a working together of people to achieve some purposes”.

Giilin and Gillin

“An Association is a group of individuals united for a specific purpose or purpose and held together by recognised or sanctioned modes of procedure or behavior”.


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