The essential characteristics/elements of association are as follows:

1) A group of people:

An association is created or formed for the attainment of the objectives. Without people there can be no association. Hence, a group of people is an essential condition of an association.

2) Common interests:


An association is not a mere collection of human beings. It consists of those individuals who have some interests in common.

3) Co-operative Spirit:

An association is based on co-operative spirit of its members. People work together to achieve some common purposes. It gives opportunities to its members to work together to achieve some common purposes.

4) Organisation:


An association is formed of those individuals who are organised in order to fulfill some specific interests. So, an association is known as an organised group.

5) Some Rules and Regulations:

The organisation of an association rests upon a particular set of laws. These laws are necessary for regulating the conduct of members belonging to an association. The members of an association follow these rules and regulations.

6) Voluntary membership:


The membership of an association is voluntary. It is not compulsory. People voluntarily join in an association for the achievement of their desired objectives. They can also withdraw their membership according to their own wishes.

7) Durability

An association may be permanent or temporary in nature. Some associations like the state, family, etc. are permanent. Some associations are organised for a very temporary period. For example, the Flood Relief Association is a temporary association.