What are the Features or Characteristics of Association?


Society is a comprehensive term and a complex structure that includes various types of social organizations which men have formed to fulfill their multifarious needs. The social nature of man finds expression in numerous groups and associations which satisfy his various needs in life. Man cannot live in isolation; he wants the cooperation and help of others to fulfill his needs and to develop his personality.
Intimate social relationship for achieving certain ends or purposes gives rise to the formation of associations. An association may be defined as a group of people united for a specific purpose or a limited number of purposes.

MacIver defines, an association as a group organized for the pursuit of an interest or group of interests in common.” Sociologist Ogburn says that, “an association is an invention for organizing social activity.”

Anthropologist Schurtz writes; “by association we mean the coming together of a group of human beings to engage in organised behaviour for designated goal and in conforming with a designated set of rules and norms.”


These definitions suggest the following features of association.

1. Members:

It is not possible for one person to form an association, an association may be formed with the cooperation, consent and efforts of many people. The membership of most associations is optional or voluntary, but the membership of state and family is compulsory. The door of an association is open. People of common mentality, attitude and aim become the members of an association to achieve their common aim.

2. Common Purpose:


Every association should have common purpose or objective, The purpose should be specific.

3. Rules:

Rules are framed for the smooth functioning of an association. These rules help in keeping discipline in the association.

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