7 most important differences between Institution and Association


The main points of difference between institution and association are the following.

1) Institutions are constituted of laws, rules and regulation, where as associations are comprised of human beings. So an association represents human aspect while an institution a social condition and behavior.

2) Institutions are abstract and have no form where as associations are concrete and have form.


3) Institutions are primarily evolved. It grows naturally. But associations are formed out of necessity.

4) Institutions are relatively more permanent whereas associations are not as permanent as institutions.

5) Institution is a procedure of working. It refers to the organised way of doing things. But, an association is an organised group.

6) Association denotes membership where as institution denotes modes or ways of service. We are born and live in association, but we act through institutions. Institutions give life and activity to association.


7) An association possesses a distinctive name where as an institution does not possess particular namely. It is based upon a symbol, which may be material or non-material.

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