What are the remedial measures to develop Rural Entrepreneurship?


Establishing an industry by an individual is a difficult task as developing entrepreneurship is not one-man activity. An entrepreneur cannot succeed unless the overall industrial and economic environment is conducive to the development and growth of rural industries. Rural industries are facing a series of problems starting from inception till its operation. Therefore, to overcome the problems the following measures need to be suggested for developing rural entrepreneurship in the country.

Provision for adequate infrastructural facilities:

Government should make adequate provision for strengthening and developing infrastructural facilities in the rural sector for proper movement and marketing of rural industrial products.


Provision for credit facilities:

As finance is considered as lubricant for setting up and running an industry, sufficient amount of funds must be available on time at soft terms. Banks and financial institutions must come forward to provide credit to rural industries at concessional and subsidize rate on easy terms and conditions.

Creation of strong raw-material base:

Raw materials is must for any industry. However, rural industries face tough problem in procuring and storing of raw materials. Therefore, an urgent policy is called for to strengthen the raw material base in the rural sector on priority basis.


Common Production-cum-Marketing Centre need to be set up:

Marketing is another area where rural industries are weak. In order to solve the problem of marketing, common production-cum-marketing centres need to be set up and developed with modern infrastructural facilities. This will help in promoting export business on one hand and bringing the buyers and sellers in close interaction avoiding middlemen in between them on the other.

Provision for entrepreneurial training:

As most of the rural entrepreneurs join their entrepreneurial career not by choice but by chance, training is” essential for the development of entrepreneurship. There is a need to develop entrepreneurial aptitude and competencies among the prospective entrepreneurs through training. The rural industries need extra training in packing, labelling and marketing areas also.


Creation of awareness of various facilities amongst the rural people:

The rural people are not aware of the facilities available in setting up rural industries. Therefore, it is the need to disseminate information about what is available through vocational training, Entrepreneurs Development Programes, screening of Audio-visual films on various rural related enterprises, etc. This will expose them to modern amenities and facilities available in the rural sector so that they can start their enterprises.

Besides the above provisions, the government should come forward to introduce entrepreneurial education in schools, colleges and universities in order to inculcate the entrepreneurial acumen and attitude in the minds of the rural people. The government also encourages setting up of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) who prove instrumental in the development of rural entrepreneurship in the country.

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