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Sample essay on Rural Employment Schemes of India

Free Sample essay on Rural Employment Schemes of India. India has the largest number of unemployed persons in the rural area in the world. Every new government announces some programme or the other in this respect.

How could information technology help in rural poverty alleviation?

ICTs or Information and Communication Technologies as solutions for rural poverty can work wonders in country, provided it establishes itself fully in the social structure. Since in rural context ICTs provide very little employment and thus little- direct income benefits.

Essay on Bridging the Rural-Urban Divide

Rural India presents a great study in contrast from State to State, from region to region and from district to district. Take the case of Punjab and Haryana where one could see lush farmyards stretching as far as the eyes can wander.

What are the factors responsible for casteism in Rural Society?

Casteism is a peculiar evil of Rural India. It is closely connected with the Caste System. Therefore, casteism is basically old rural problem and it exists only due to the one sides or particle loyalty in favour of a particular caste.

Essay on the Basic concepts of Rural Sociology

Every science has certain basic concepts. Thus is true of sociology and also Rural Sociology. These concepts are used in study and analysis of various problems that from the subject matter of sociology.

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