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Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Everything you need to know about the characteristics and features of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs start their own business enterprise in small size and make it a good fortune. To take their organisation to great heights the nature innate characteristics and general qualities are the factors behind the success of an entrepreneur. In the words of […]

Brief note on entrepreneurship development Institute of India

EDII has emerged from the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) of the Gujarat Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation. It is a national organisation sponsored by All-India finance institutions and Government of Gujarat, set up in the year 1983.

Brief notes on Centre for Entrepreneurship Development in India

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development in Gujarat was established in order to provide entrepreneurial training to educated unemployed persons, women technicians, rural artisans, ex-servicemen, physically handicapped persons, etc. to help development facilities so that they can come out as successful entrepreneurs.

Complete information on the entrepreneurship development program in India

Entrepreneur is the person with a vision, with the drive and with the ability to bear risk. He is a pivot around which the entire industry rotates because it his foresight, knowledge, optimism, hard work, persistence and efficient management of the enterprises that brings success to the enterprises.

Brief note on Entrepreneurship Development movement in India

The entrepreneurship development movement gathered momentum particularly in last two decades. During this period, efforts were concentrated on identifying, training, motivating, equipping and developing people who would not otherwise accept entrepreneurship as a career.

What are the factors influencing High-Tech Entrepreneurship in India?

The factors influencing High-Tech Entrepreneurship in India are 1. The rapid pace of globalization and the fast growth of Asian economies present tremendous opportunities and challenges for India. 2. Increasing outsourcing to India not just for services but also for core business, engineering activities and cutting edge R&D work.

What are the remedial measures to develop Rural Entrepreneurship?

Establishing an industry by an individual is a difficult task as developing entrepreneurship is not one-man activity. An entrepreneur cannot succeed unless the overall industrial and economic environment is conducive to the development and growth of rural industries.

What is the need for Rural Entrepreneurship?

The need for and growth of rural industries has become essential in a country like India because of the following reasons: Rural industries generate large-scale employment opportunities in the rural sector as most of the rural industries are labor intensive.

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