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Role of Management to Develop quality of Leadership

Leadership behavior is defined as behavior on the part of one individual which influences the behavior of other individuals. Therefore, leadership behavior is assumed to be one important element of manage­ment of human resource.

How to Develop more and more Confidence?

Everybody we meet wants to be confident, for meeting any situation in life. If you are waiting for the perfect conditions, ideas or plans to get started, you can sure that you can wait till eternity and still, you will never start.

How to develop sales personality ?

Personality cannot be precisely defined. It is the sum total of favorable impression one makes on other. In the words of H. N. Morton “Personality is that personal distinction or the dynamic force which felt by everyone who comes within its radius.”

What are the remedial measures to develop Rural Entrepreneurship?

Establishing an industry by an individual is a difficult task as developing entrepreneurship is not one-man activity. An entrepreneur cannot succeed unless the overall industrial and economic environment is conducive to the development and growth of rural industries.

How to develop sustainable tourism in India ?

The World Tourism Report defines sustainable tourism “as a model form of economic development that exemplifies stewardhip of environment and sensitivity to community and cultural aspirations.”

How to develop the ventilation system of your office ?

The word ventilation denotes the supply of free and fresh air in right amount, right temperature and right humidity. Modern office is not only a place where employees work but also a place where large number of visitors are frequently present.

How to develop coastal areas for getting more tourism ?

The rapid growth of such large-scale economic and recreational activities in a relatively narrow and shrinking coastal strip always leads to competitive claims of industrial, residential and recreational uses for coastal locations.

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