12 strange but effective methods used by successful salesman’s for approaching their customers


An approach is a method designed to get the prospect attention and interest quickly a to make smooth transition into next part of the presentation which is more concerned about discovering more about prospects needs. Because each prospect and sales situation differ to sales people are to adopt a viable approach or any combination of approaches to get better results. There is no dearth for the methods of approach. Knowledge of all these variety approaches is must for every salesman as each variety helps in combining for better result These methods of approach are:

12 strange but effective methods

1. Introductory Approach:

In introductory approach, salesman states his name and name of his company and hang over a business card to the prospect. This business card helps the prospect to remember the name and firm of salesman. Prospect may not hear the name of salesman because the prospects is busy in sizing up the sales person. Some sales persons think that a business card can distracting and find that giving their card at the end of the interview is more effective. The introduction approach is the simplest way to open a sales call. However, it is perhaps the less effective way because it is more unlikely to generate much interest. It is used very often with other methods.


2. Referral Approach:

Using the name of a satisfied customer or a friend of the prospect can begin a sales call effectively. Salesmen frequently present letters of introduction or testimonials. The referral approach is often effective with persons who are amiable and expressive because they like focus on relationships. Salesman should use only the names of individuals and companies whom they would like the prospect to talk because prospects often contact these reference. Successful salesmen always gain permission from references prior to using them. Propping names and stretching the truth concerning the third parties may back fire. It is also worth remembering that the right contact may get the salesman is the door but it is knowledge that gets and keeps the business.

3. Benefit Approach:

It is the most widely used sales call opening which infuses the prospect attention on a product benefit. For this approach to be effective, the benefit must be of real interest to the prospect. Unless the sales person knows, the prospect’s needs either from good pre all information gathering or from other visits, this approach hardly succeeds. Further, it should be specific, something the prospect can actually realize and something that can be substantiated during the presentation. This benefit approach is effective for drivers and analysts who like to get down to business rather quickly because it gets right to the point.


4. Product Approach:

The product approach involves actually demonstrating the product features and benefits as soon as the sales-person walks up to the prospect. The merit of this product approach is that it appeals to the prospect both visually and verbally. Handing over the product to the prospect for his examination further adds to deeper involvement. This approach can be very effective for those prospects who express openly.

6. Compliment Approach:

When one is being praised or complimented, he or she loves it or likes it. However, such an approach may be dangerous. Strictly speaking, undeserving flattery is often obvious and offensive to prospects. Therefore, by using the compliment approach, the compliment must be both sincere and specific. Sincerity relates directly to specificity. The salesman should remember that compliment approach may back fire also. One salesman, while calling on 65 year old man, motivated a picture of a beautiful 22 year old women on the buyer’s desk. The salesman said, “You certainly have a beautiful daughter} to which the buyer replied. “That is my wife!” It is generally better to stick to neutral topics unless one is sure of one’s information. Compliment approach can be effective for all personality types.


6. Question Approach:

Question approach is the beginning the conversation with a question or by stating an interesting fact in the form of a question. It gets the prospects attention, motivates a response and initiates two-way communication. Use of question approach can be more result oriented if employed with other approaches like says benefit or curiosity. To take full advantage of this approach, the question askable must be specific and tailored to the tastes of a prospect. These questions must be textured around the buying motives.

7. Socratic Approach:

It is a variation of question approach. In this Socratic approach, the customer is queries as to his or her opinion of a crucial topic. The topic is usually related to the salesman’s product and the prospect’s need. Apparently this approach is successful because it focuses on customer’ needs and does so in a way that lets the customer to be in charge of the meeting.


8. Curiosity Approach:

Curiosity instinct baits any one at times. Under this approach, the salesman appeals to the instinct of curiosity. He may simply send a message chit along with his visiting card. The message runs in such a style and fashion that prospected is baited to grant immediately the appointment or an interview. Once this trick clicks, it twinkles and once opened, he can en-cash on the same. However, this curiosity approach may not be liked by some who are not baited by curiosities. Therefore, it is to be used carefully.

9. Shock Approach:

Fear is the key in many cases. Shock approach is a shock therapy or shock treatment. Shock is a violent or damaging blow, a jerk; emotional disturbance a state of weakness causes by physical or mental unexpected happening of an event. Every one is subject to shock of one kind or other that is going bring about monetary and non-monetary loss. It may be a shock old age, sickness, death insecurity, theft, depreciation, natural calamities, such as accident, floe storm, fire, earthquake and the like which have greater and deeper concern to one’s life. It the fear of loss that makes the prospect to think of these and act accordingly. A salesman selling both products and services can take full advantage. The concept of fear makes prospect to think of reality and tries to avoid the results of “if things happen against his calculations”. There cannot be better example than that of insurance in these days of uncertainty and danger. The example of shock approach can be:


10. Showmanship Approach:

Not all prospects appreciate showmanship and imagination. Salesman can arrange good many shows for the benefit of some significant prospects. It is rather difficult to say as to -hat shape this showmanship takes. There is no limit to what an enterprising man can do to dramatise his approach when situation so demands. However, this approach may backfire and hence it is to be used in particular cases. The prospects that are rural folks and ladies and is some cases gents. These persons believe in showmanship. That is, giving an impression of what they are not really but their intention to appear big and false impression creating.

11. Survey Approach:

As the name suggests, the salesman conducts a survey about the prospect before approaching him. Survey is to find all about him – all statistics – including vital. A detailed survey on his prospect replaces approach with guesswork and imagination. As it is a meticulous fact funding of a prospect, he can speak, present his ideas without any fear as has really understood the needs of a prospect. Here, the salesman acts like perfect astrologer or palm reader where he wins the heart of prospect giving some facts without being told by the prospect. In the light of the problem or problems, he gives solution or solutions. A specimen survey approach can be:

12. Statement Approach:

A salesman can open his interview with solid statements of achievements or benefits to the prospect. Such statements or benefits already bestowed upon the prospects have their own impact. Sometimes, these statements may declare facts about the product or what it can do for the prospect. Such statements are normally concluded with a question seeking the prospects’ reactions. Generally, these bring home quickly some strong points in favour of product to the prospect.

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