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Essay on Non-Conventional Energy Sources of Energy

Free sample Essay on Non-Conventional Energy Sources of Energy. Wood has been the most common source of energy since the advent “human beings on the earth. Population being thin everywhere it seemed to be everlasting source.

9 factors that determines the elasticity of demand

9 most essential factors that determines the elasticity of demand are : 1. Nature of goods 2. Availability of substitutes 3. Alternative use 4. Possibility of postponing consumption 5. Proportion of income spent 6. Price-level 7. Force of habit 8. Durability of commodities and 9. Income level.

Summary on Indian Music and Dance by Fritjof Capra

In another session he enjoyed the Odissi dance by Sanjukta Panigrahi. The author got the most beautiful musical experiences of his life from the shehnai performance of Bismillah Khan.

Here is the summary of the poem:- “A Psalm of Life”

Life is not full of sadness. It is an empty dream. A dream presents many pleasant many pleasant things which vanish as soon as it breaks. Similarly, some pessimistic people consider life as unreal and empty as dream.

Essay – The tyranny of customs

What is habit in an individual becomes custom when followed by a people. Man is by nature imitative. He follows the beaten track.

What are the essential characteristics of insightful learning ?

The common features of the experiments on insightful learning are as follows: The nature of the experimental situation is very important for insightful learning. The organism must be able to perceive the relationships among all relevant parts of the problem before insight can occur.

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