Approach means meeting of the salesman and prospect in person. Salesman makes face contact with prospects to understand the prospects better. Success follows the salesman who possesses courtesy and confidence. Approach aims (i) to gain favorable attention from the prospect so that he is interested enough to see the salesman; and (ii) securing the willingness of the prospect. Approach is completed if these two objectives are attained or when the prospect makes the first two decisions.


An effective approach has the following important objectives:

(i) Approach helps the salesman to make a favorable impression upon his prospect to secure favorable attention.


(ii) The detailed information about the prospect obtained at the pre-approach stage must be amplified or substantiated.

(iii) The favorable attention of the prospect must be converted into a positive interest in a given product.

(iv) All attempts should be made by the salesman to lead the prospect easily and smoothly into the sales proposition.

Approach is a stepping


Stone for sales presentation. If these four objectives are achieved and the prospect is prepared to listen, then the salesman can continue subsequent stages in the selling process.

Importance of approach

Approach is considered as the most important step in selling process. Sales are won or lost in the first few minutes of the interview, i.e., in the first few minutes of the interview, i.e., in the approach. The importance of approach varies with the type of selling. The importance of approach varies with the type of selling. The importance of approach is less in selling cheap articles, whereas its importance is more in selling costly articles. There are two methods of approach by salesman.

(i) Approach by travelling salesman and those selling to middlemen.


(ii) Procedure of approach by retail salesmen.

The three important methods of approach usually used by a salesman are as follows:

(i)The introductory approach

The salesman uses this method of approach frequently. The salesmen starts with as “Good morning Mr. Agarwal, I am Mr. R. Agarwal representing BPL T.V. Company.” This is the most effective method of approach by the salesman. After the introduction, the salesman starts his sales proposition. If the salesman is not a representive of a reputed company, he cannot get a favorable attention of the prospect.


(ii)The product approach

The salesman places a product immediately in the hands of the prospect. This product is very attractive, popular and unique of its kind. This product will appeal to the sensual gratification of the prospect. When the prospect does not like the products so presented, he should retaliate by saying, “What other products do you have to offer?”

The curiosity approach- Here the salesman tries to appeal to the curiosity instinct of the prospect and thereby gets his immediate attention. While seeking an interview the salesman writes something either on the business card or on a slip to attract the prospect’s attention. For example, “Will you give me a few minutes of your precious time in solving business problems?” Such statements work as a trick to open the door of the prospect and arouse curiosity of the prospect.