5 useful methods of collecting the names of the potential customers


Methods of prospecting

(i) Endies chain method

This is an important method of prospecting which works on the principles of multiplication of relations. Under this method, the salesman collects names and addresses of prospects from the friends’ relatives of interviewed persons. The friends and relatives of the satisfied customers will be introduced by them personally. This method of prospecting is otherwise called as family free method.

(ii) Personal observation method


A prospect minded salesman finds prospects every where. The persons who have a keen interest in sales can find prospects at any time and at any place. The salesman may find prospect in conversation in cinema hall, comments in streets and public meeting places. He can find prospects from his own acquaintance. This method of prospecting is otherwise called as “eyes and ears” method of prospecting.

(iii) Spotters’ method

Sometimes junior salesman is appointed to locate likely customers in particular locality. As the primary talk of there junior salesman is to spot out or locate prospects in a particular locality, these persons are called as spotters. These salesmen are not required to sell the products but move from house to locate prospects.

(iv) Cold canvas method


Under these methods of prospecting, the salesman knows the name of the prospects only and meets each person by canvassing. The salesman knows very little about the prospects and the success of salesman gains the confidence of the prospects by “fair attitude”. This method is otherwise called as average work method or new account method.

(v) Direct mail and telephone method

Under this method salesman collects names and addresses of the prospects by direct mailing and telephoning with the former buyers and the present users of the product. The salesman is required to send circulars this sale letters to the buyers who suggest name and addressee of the likely customers.

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