How to deal with ‘Your price is higher’ objection by customer ?


The price objection is one that occurs very frequently and the one most feared by inexperienced salesmen. If the only be sold by first class salesmen. If the factor of quality is effective salesmanship is required as the price would be higher. If the factor of quality is introduced in the goods, more persuasive and effective salesmanship is required as the price would be higher. If goods are sold at a low price (which is a potent selling point) the goods require very little salesmanship to sell, the salesman being merely a price teller and goods carrier. It is when the price of the goods is high that more effective salesmanship is required.

While handling high priced goods the salesman must have confidence in his presentation and his product. The word only attached to the price is often overdone while selling. In selling a high-priced article it is useless to use the word. Only in the sales talk. The salesman should be aware of the price of his article and should show that the price is low looking to the numerous advantages that the prospect gets in relation to the price. He should not merely tell him that he is getting “better value” but should explain how and why.


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