How to Deal With A Hesitant Type Customer?


‘Hesitant’ or undivided or practical or deliberate kind of customer is one who has a wavering mind. As he does not have a firm mind, he lacks discretion any decision making power. He is reserved. Hesitation or timidity is the outcome of good many factors such as price-diffentials, quantity variations-hidest assortments—fear of authority to buy and above all suspicion. With so many divergent factors,he is unable to make his decision on his own. He puts one reason or the other for not buying or failure to decide. He is on the fence-neither here nor there.

Being deliberate customer, abnormal dose of persuasion is needed to using him to the crack. The decision-making process of the customer is to be greatly and deeply influenced by the rich imagination, resourcefulness of a salesman. As he lands it difficult to make decisions, the barriers to decision track are to be removed by convincing about quality, price and product specialties. A satisfactory tad light throwing explanation makes the customer to arrive at the cut-off point. The policy of salesman should, therefore, be one of hammering till the conclusion is reached.

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