How a salesman can secure orders for his customer ?


Securing action means gaining an order. The outcome of first four stages should be in the actual purchase of the product. The customer must be induced to buy the product or place on order. The ‘want’ must be converted into ‘demand’. Gaining action means consent of the buyer to purchase the product. It indicates his final decision to purchase and he places an order.

In order to secure action the salesman has to take following steps:

(i) He should discuss the different selling points; justify the price in comparison to other equivalent products.


(ii) He has to overcome the objections raised by the prospect satisfactorily.

(iii) The prospect should be given ample scope to handle the product, if necessary.

(iv) The prospect should be given enough evidence regarding the quality, utility, durability of the product.

(v) Further, he should be explained about the facilities like discount, credit, transport and other services.


However, the salesman should be very careful not to interfere directly in the decision-making. The customer should never fell that the salesman is forcing a sales on him. In the conclusion, it can be said that sales are not products of accident they are to be built by the salesman. Before deciding to buy, mind of person passes through different processes- attention- interest –desire-conviction- and- action. These stages are not independent been interdependent.


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