How to secure customer confidence on your product ?


“Conviction” means winning the confidence of the prospect by clearing all the possible doubts regarding a product. Once the desire is created in the minds of the prospects, it is responsibility of the salesman to remove doubts and convince the prospect that product is useful and sound. All objections must be adequately to win the confidence of the buyers. The weak points of the product must be minimized and the strong points should be emphasized. The prospect must feel that the article being offered for sale is worth buying.

Methods of Securing Confidence

(i) Removing doubts of the customer

The best way to convince a prospect is to overcome all the possible objections or doubts from his mind about the product. The experience reveals that there are six standard methods of overcoming objections. They are:


(a) Direct denial method,

(b) Yes, but method,

(c) Reverse position method,

(d) Boomerang method,


(e) Superior point method, and

(f) Question or interrogation method.

(ii) Demonstration

Demonstration also helps to secure confidence of prospects, who believe only what they see.


(iii) Guarantee

Offers of guarantee can be used for gaining confidence of the prospects.

(iv) Results of any test

Results of any tests held to testify the product and testimonials from those who had used the product, are also another method of securing confidence.


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