The advantages of salesmanship can be well understood from the following discussions:-

1. Advantages of producers

Usually manufacturer produces things in anticipation of demand. Many of them also produce on mass scale. Salesmanship helps producers in following ways:-


(a) It enables the producers to push their products in a competitive market. Efficient salesmen are able to sell whatever the producers produce.

(b) It helps the producers to increase production.

(c) As production and sales increase, manufactures get more profit.

(d) Capacity of the industry increases.


(e) It also promotes goodwill of the firm.

2. Advantages to consumers

Consumers derive maximum utility out of salesmanship. A good salesman makes a study of the needs of customers and satisfies them promptly.

(a) Salesmanship helps customers to select right type articles.


(b) It never cheats them by supplying duplicate goods at higher prices.

(c) It suggests; informs and guides customers in purchasing articles.

Thus, consumers get genuine goods at a moderate price due to salesmanship.

3. Advantages to the nation


Good salesmanship ultimately leads to the economic development and progress of a country and to the general rise in the standard of living. When sales are good, industry, trade and commerce prosper and the country as a whole gets benefit. Good salesmanship goes far in making a nation great.

4. Advantages to the Government

The Government also receives maximum utility out of salesmanship. Salesmanship helps the producers to produce and sell more of goods and services. As production and sale in country increases, the Government is able to get more revenue by way of various taxes, duties and levies like sales tax, income tax, excise duty, freight and transportation charges.

5. Advantages to the society


Salesmanship contributes to economic development of a society. It increases the production and eases distribution. The standard of living of the people improves as their personality capita income increases. Salesmanship removes ignorance and educates people regarding different types of products and their utilities.

6. Advantages to unemployed

Successful salesmanship, by increasing business activity creates many employment opportunities for unemployed. This, in turn, increases income and welfare of the whole country.

7. An advantage to salesman


The salesman himself is benefited directly or indirectly by salesmanship. The advantages are :

(a) Fabulous incomes

Generally, a salesman is paid a monthly salary and commission which is linked with sales. If sales increases the commission also increases. As sales form the basis of business and profit many concerns do not hesitate to offer attractive bonuses, prerequisites of various kinds to the right type of salesman in addition to salary. Salesmen of top grade of the famous concerns of the world have earned fabulous income.

(b) Opportunity of learning

Salesmanship offers interesting and thrilling opportunities to men, who like the job by nature and training. Every customer may mean a new challenge to them. In course of his routine work, a salesman avails the opportunity of learning the business methods and practices. This he present him to set up his own business in future.

(c) Opportunities to relax and enjoy

Salesmanship offers great opportunities to travelling salesman to see new places and some of these may be good from the point of view of health. Salesman will love to visit beautiful places or those having fine climate. Though pushing sales will be the main task, there will be much scope to relax and enjoy. Thus, good salesmanship is useful to all- producers, consumers, the state and the salesman himself.