The importance and utility of salesmanship in modern age


Salesmanship is the art of selling a product or service. It is the art of convincing the customer to buy a certain product or service. In the competitive modern day world the importance and utility of salesmanship has been increasing day by day.

Importance of salesmanship:-

(i) A salesman is paid salary and commission which is linked with sales.


(ii) The salesman has the opportunity of learning business methods and practices. Later if he wishes, he can set his own business. If he is intelligent and industrious he may someday become the sales manager of the company and draw a fat salary.

(iii) If he is a travelling salesman, he will enjoy the opportunity of visiting a number of places.

Utility of salesmanship:

In the competitive modern day world the importance and utility of salesmanship has been increasing day by day. The salesman of today is the key figure in the business world of manufacture and distribution. Salesmanship is university accepted as an essential service. One could well imagine its utility which ranges from the producers, society, consumers, Govt. and the salesman himself.


(1) To the producers

Good salesman helps producers to increase production and earn more profit.

(2) To the society

As good sales force helps the producer to produce and earn more, it also benefits the shareholders by way of higher dividends, employees get more salary and bonus and ultimately the slope of more employment arises.


(3) To the consumers

A good salesman helps the consumer to get standard at a moderate rate and also the consumer also very often enjoys a number of services.

(4) To the Govt.

Salesman helps producers to produce more and sell more goods and services. With the increase of production and sale, the govt. is able to get more revenue by way of various taxes, duties, levies like income tax, sales tax, excise duty, etc.


(5) To the salesman

The salesman himself is benefited directly or indirectly. Generally a salesman is paid both a monthly salary and commission which is linked with sales. A sincere and hard –working salesman therefore increases his income by selling more and earning more by way of commission.

Scope of salesmanship:-

For a common man salesmanship might means a simple task of selling goods and services. However, salesmanship as a subject is a science and art and has reached the status of a rewarding and challenging profession. Sales of goods cover sales of consumer, industrial and agricultural goods. Such sales might be local regional, national or international.

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