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7 essential objectives of pre-approach in salesmanship

7 essential objectives of  pre-approach are: 1. To provide additional information, 2. To select the best approach to meet the prospects, 3. To obtain information for planned presentation, 4. To avoid serious mistakes, 5. To meet the prospects with confidence and enthusiasm, 6. To save time and energy, 7. To be successful in the sales-interview.

5 essential stages of approach in salesmanship

Approach stage is followed after pre-approach. In this stage the salesman makes actual approach with the prospect. Approaching the prospect consists of two stages like securing an interview and the actual interview. There are different methods of securing interview. These are:

1014 words essay on salesmanship

Salesmanship is the knack of selling a product or service. It is the art of convincing the customers to buy a certain product or service. Various authors have given various definitions of salesmanship.

5 differences between counter and travelling salesmanship

Counter salesmanship is practiced in single place that is in the retail outlet or show-room or shop establishment of a fixed locality. Counter salesmanship does its work of persuasion and convincing and getting the order at the counter.

What do you mean by counter salesmanship ?

The phrase “counter salesmanship” has been derived from the original word “Counter”. According to Oxford dictionary, the word “counter” means the table in a shop in which money is counted and across which goods are delivered.

5 major disadvantages of salesmanship

Salesman having the necessary training and aptitude are rare. Salesman who have adequate knowledge and necessary skill are found wanting in many concerns at the counter and elsewhere, they are unable to do full justice to their work.

7 major advantages of salesmanship

Good salesmanship ultimately leads to the economic development and progress of a country and to the general rise in the standard of living. When sales are good, industry, trade and commerce prosper and the country as a whole gets benefit.

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