Modern salesmanship is not free from defects. The followings are the main disadvantages:

1. Lack of knowledgeable and skilled salesman

Salesman having the necessary training and aptitude are rare. Salesman who have adequate knowledge and necessary skill are found wanting in many concerns at the counter and elsewhere, they are unable to do full justice to their work.

2. Bad employers


Many employers engaging the services of salesmen are unscrupulous. They violate or circumvent laws and try to exploit their salesmen. As good work is not appreciated and payment is very less, many intelligent and enterprising salesmen feel discouraged and disgusted. They lose interest to work honestly and efficiently.

3. Little respect

Salesmanship as a profession commands little respect in many countries including India. Moreover, salesmen are not recruited either on the basis of examination results or according to any strict rule. As an entry into the profession is easy, many incompetent people become salesman only to bring discredit to it.

4. Practices of fraud


The practices of fraud and deception is another drawback of salesmanship. Malpractices of various types and misrepresentation do great harm to the cause of salesmanship.

5. Difficult job

Salesmanship is not an easy job for those, who are introverts not desirous or mixing freely with others. Salesmanship requires frequent travelling and this may prove to be harmful to the health of the salesman besides being inconvenient to him and his family. Rude and rough behavior of customers or retailers, and step motherly treatment given by the employers are likely to make salesmanship a thankless, disgusting and miserable task.