25 Important questions of Shershah Suri


1.Of which ruler of Bihar did Shershah get into the service ?

Ans. Mohammad Shah Noohani.

2.At which place Mohammad Shah Noohani appointed Shershah.


Ans. Chotanagpur or Jharkhand.

3.Who conferred the title of Sher Khan on Shershah ?

Ans. Mohammad Shah Noohani.

4. Under which ruler did Shershah serve the Mughal empire Ans. Babur, for a year nearly.


5. Shershah became the tutor and guardian of Jalal Khan the minor son of which Afghan ruler?

Ans. Mohammad Shah Noohani

6. When did Shershah became the independent ruler of Bihar ? ‘

Ans. Shershah became the tutor of Jalal Khan the minor son of Mohammad Shah Noohani. Later on he asserted himself as the ruler of Bihar.


7. Which title did shershah assume after ascending the throne ?

Ans. Shershah Suri.

8. Between whom and when the battle of Chausa was fought ?

Ans. Shershah and Humayun in 1539 AD. In this battle Shershi defeated Humayun.


9. Between whom and when the battle of Kannauj or Bilgram was fought ?

Ans. Between Shershah and Humayun in 1540 AD, Shershi defeated Humayun and Shershah became the ruler of India,

10.When Shershah subjugated Malwa ?

Ans. 1542 AD.


11.When Shershah conquered Marwar at the battle of Samel ?

Ans. In 1544 AD.

12. In how many parts did Shershah divide his whole empire?

Ans. 47 parts known as Sarkars. Again it was divided into seven Praganas.

13.Who built the Grand Trunk road between Kolkata an Peshawar ?

Ans. Shershah. This road is also known as Sadak-e-Azam,

14.Who founded the city Rohtasgarh in Bihar ?

Ans. Shershah.

15. Who built the old fort (Purana Qila) at Delhi on the ruin of Dinpanah Building ?

Ans. Shershah.

16. During the reign of which ruler the whole land of the country was surveyed for the first time in Indian history?

Ans. Shershah.

17. Which instrument was developed to measure the land during the reign of Shershah ? Ans. Sikandri Gaj and San Ki Dandi.

18. Who appointed the Shiqdars in Bengal?

Ans. Shershah.

19. Who was the Finance minister of Shershah ?

Ans. Raja Todarmal.

20. Who was the Finance minister who served both In the Court of Shershah and Akbar as well.

Ans. Raja Todarmal.

21. What was the land revenue during the reign of Shershah ?

Ans. From 1/4 to 1/3rd of the total produce of the land.

22.Who was the first medieval ruler who introduced the Patta and Qabuliat system ?

Ans. Shershah

23. During whose reign the city of Patliputra in Bihar was renamed as patna in 1541 AD? Ans. Shershah.

24. How and when Shershah died?

Ans. He died by an explosion of gun powder during the campaign against Kalinjar in 1545 AD.

25. Where was Shershah buried?

Ans. At Sasaram in Bihar.

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