Shershah Suri was one of the greatest ruler of India. His original name was Farid. He was born in Hoshyarpur district in Punjab. He was taken to Sasaram by his father Hasan Khan who held a Jagir there.

In 1522 AD, Shershah got into the service of Mohammad Shah Noohani an independent ruler of Bihar. Noohani conferred on him the title of Sher Khan. After the death of Mohammad Shah Noohani. Shershah became the independent ruler of Bihar.

He luckily captured the fortress of Chunar. In the battle of Chausa near Buxar in 1539 AD, Mughals were defeated by Sher Khan. In May 1540 AD, the Mughals and the Afghans met again opposite Kannauj.

This battle is also known as the battle of Bilgram. Humayun was severely defeated and from this time he had to live a life of wanderer for about 15 years. Shershah ruled for a very short span of time and died of an explosion of gun powder in 1545 AD at Kalinjar.