What is Management Information System?

Everything you need to know about management information system. Management information system (MIS) is a system to provide selected decision-oriented information needed by ma¬≠nagement to plan, control, and evaluate the activities of the corporation. It is designed within a framework that empha¬≠sizes profit planning, performance planning, and control at all levels. Management Information System (MIS) […]

Types of Advertising Media

Everything you need to know about the types of advertising media. Advertising media are the means to transmit the message from the advertiser to the particular class of people. The advertisements may be classified into different categories, based on various forms of media. Media of advertising means any object or any device which is used […]

Forms of Business Organisation

Everything you need to know about the forms of business organisation. After deciding to start a business, an entrepreneur has to choose one of the forms of business organisation. The merits and demerits of each form of business organisation have to be considered keeping in view, the size and nature of business, amount of capital […]

Trade Union in India

Everything you need to know about trade union in India. Trade union movement in our country has a century-long history. The first quarter of the present century saw the birth of the trade union movement, but the seeds of the movement were sown much earlier. The AII India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) was set-up in […]

Types of Budget in Cost Accounting

Everything you need to know about types of budget. Budgets are prepared for every business function such as sales, production, purchases, personnel, finance, etc. As such, they are called functional budgets. In fact, every department of a business concern is expected to perform a particular function. Budgeting is a comprehensive exercise. It extends throughout the […]

Inventory Control Methods

Everything you need to know about methods of inventory control. Inventory valuation affects the profitability, the business unit must take enough care to ascertain the correct value of inventory. To ensure this, the method of valuing the inventory should not be changed from year to year. Inventory includes stock of raw materials, work-in-progress, finished products […]

Functional Organizational Structure

Everything you need to know about the functional organisational structure. In the functional organisational structure, all activities in the enterprise are grouped together according to certain functions like production, marketing, finance and personnel, and are kept under the charge of different persons. The person in-charge of a function follows it wherever it goes throughout the […]

Learning Organisation

Everything you need to know about learning organisations. A learning organisation is an organisation that has developed the continuous capacity to adapt and change. All organizations learn, whether they consciously choose to or not-it is a fundamental requirement for their sustained existence. The spirit behind Learning Organisation is that, people at work in an organisation, […]

Career Development

Everything you need to know about career development. Career development is a process that takes place over the life span and on the assumption that biological, psychological, sociological, and cultural factors influence carrier choice, career changes, and career withdrawal across the stages of development. All these are based on development theories. The developmental career theory […]

Types of Organizational Structure

Everything you need to know about types of organizational structure. Organisation structure refers to the way people and jobs in an organisation are arranged so that the work of the organisation can be performed. In other words, it refers to the particular way in which a firm or public authority is structured in order to […]

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