Functions of an Entrepreneur: 22 Important Functions

Everything you need to know about the functions of an entrepreneur. The basic function of an entrepreneur is to identify a profitable business and then to venture into it. For this, he has to chart a plan of action ranging from the idea conceived to actual running of business. The functions of an entrepreneur differ […]

Industrial Disputes: Meaning, Features, Causes and Settlement

Everything you need to know about industrial disputes. Industrial disputes are conflicts, disorder or unrest arising between workers and employers on any ground. Such disputes finally result in strikes, lockouts and mass refusal of employees to work in the organization until the dispute is resolved. Industrial Disputes harm both parties’ employees and employers and are […]

Difference between Administration and Management – Explained!

Everything you need to know about the key differences between administration and management. There is a controversy on the use of these terms. Some authors say that administration and management are the same thing and there is no difference between the two words while others feel that they are different. Difference between Administration and Management […]

Schools of Management Thought

Everything you need to know about the schools of management thought. Management is one of the oldest arts dating back to the beginnings of civilisations. Excepting some attempts to study the art of administration or management systematically in some of the leading civilisations of the world, the management discipline or science is relatively of recent […]

Types of Communication

Everything you need to know about the types of communication. The word ‘communication’ is derived from the Latin word ‘communize’ which means common. Thus, communication means sharing ideas in common. It is a verbal or written message, an exchange of information, a system of communicating, and a process by which meanings are exchanged between individuals […]

Process of Communication

Everything you need to know about the process of communication. Process means a systematic series of actions or operations of a series of changes directed to some end. Communication is a two-way process wherein there is an exchange and progression of ideas towards a mutually acceptable goal. Communication process, as such, has to be viewed, […]

Types of Business Environment – Explained!

Everything you need to know about the types of business environment. The term ‘environment’ connotes external forces, factors and institutions that affect a business enterprise. It means the external conditions or forces within which a business firm operates. It includes all factors which are external to and beyond the control of individual business enterprises and […]

Social Responsibility of Business (towards Society, Shareholders, Employees and Consumers)

Everything you need to know about the social responsibility of business towards different sections of society. Social responsibility means an intelligent arid objective concern for the genuine welfare of the society that limits or prevents individual and corporate behaviour from ultimately destructive activities no matter how immediately profitable, and that leads the managerial actions in […]

Techniques of Decision Making: Modern, Traditional and Quantitative

Everything you need to know about the techniques and tools of decision-making. Decision making is an important job of a manager. Decision making involves choosing a course of action from several alternative courses of action. It is the selection of one course of action from two or more alternative courses of action. The way a […]

Manpower Planning: Definition, Objectives, Need and Examples

Everything you need to know about manpower planning. Manpower planning is also called human resource planning. It is the first and the prime most stage in the process of staffing. This planning ensures the organization with good quality of people in adequate quantity for its various Jobs. It means it emphasize for the right number […]

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