Retail Supply Management (5 Components)

A supply chain comprises of four or more companies including a wholesale company, an immediate supplier, marking firm, distribution firm and the transport companies working independently. Each such firm has its unique set of objectives conflicting each other. For example, maximum sales turnover and high customer service may conflict with distribution and transport firms. The […]

Factors that Determines the Cost of Capital

Cost of capital is an important concept in financial management. Various financing and investing deci­sions depend upon the cost of capital of a firm. There are several factors that make cost of capital of a firm high or low.

4 Services Covered by E-Banking

The four services covered by E-Banking are as follows: (i) EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer System) (ii) ATM’s (Automated Teller Machines) (iii) Credit Card (iv) Debit Card.

Merchant Banking: Meaning and Functions of Merchant Banking

The term ‘merchant banking’ has been used differently in different parts of the world. While in U.K. merchant banking refers to the ‘accepting and issuing houses’, in U.S.A. it is known as ‘investment banking’.

Paragraph on Life of a Fisherman – by Anand

A fisherman is basically a person who earns his livelihood by catching and selling fish. The fisherman usually lives in an area closer to a water body like a river, lake or canal.

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