1. After the death of Babur who ascended the throne ?

Ans. Humayun ascended the throne in 1530 at Agra.

2. How many brothers Humayun had ?

Ans. Three brothers-Kamran, Hindal and Askari.


3. Of which places did Humayun after ascending the throne appoint his brothers the governors ?

Ans. He appointed Kamran, Askari and Hindal the governors Kabul, Sambhal and Mewat respectively.

4. When did Humayun attack Kalinjar ?

Ans. 1532 AD.


5. Between whom and when the battle of Daurah wt fought ?

Ans. Humayun and Afghan ruler Mahmood Lodi in 1532 A,

6. Who besieged the fort of Chunar in 1532 AD then rule by Sher Khan ?

Ans. Humayun.


7. Which place was known as the gateway of eastern India and why ?

Ans. Chunar, because it commanded the land and the river route

between Agra and the east.

8. Who was inside the fort of Chunar when Humayun besieged it ?


Ans. Shershah or Sher Khan.

9. How the besiege of the fort of Chunar was lifted ?

Ans. Shershah persuaded Humayun and made peace and one of his sons to Humayun as a hostage.

10. When did Humayun defeat Bahadur Shah of Gujarat


Ans. 1538 AD.

11. Between Whom and when the battle of Chausa wa fought ?

Ans. Humayun and Shershah in 1539 AD. Shershah defeated Humayun in the battle of Chausa near Buxar in Bihar at the bank the river Ganga.

12. Between whom and when the battle of Kannauj of Bilgram was fought ?


Ans. Between Humayun and Shershah in 1540 AD, Shershah defeated Humayun badly and he (Humayun) fled the country Shershah became the ruler of India.

13. Where did Humayun spend his exiled life ?

Ans. In Sindh.

14. To whom and when Humayun was married ?

Ans. He was married to Hamida Bano Begum, the daughter Mir Ali Akbar Jami.

15. When and where was Akbar, the son of Humayun born?

Ans. On 15th October. 1542 AD at Amarkat in Sindh.

16. What was the period Humayun spent in exile ?

Ans. From 1540 to 1554 AD.

17. When did Humayun recapture Delhi from the successors of Shershah ? .

Ans. In 1555 AD.

18. With the assistance of whom Humayun invaded India and recaptured his lost empire ?

Ans. His loyal chief Bairam Khan.

19. How and when Humayun died ?

Ans. He died in an accident falling from the staircase of his library at Delhi in 1556 AD.

20. What was Dinpanah building and who built it ?

Ans. It was a magnificent library building at Delhi and Humayun built it.

21. Who were the main opposition forces against the Mughal powers during the period of Humayun ?

Ans. Afghan forces.