Short biography of Humayuim


After the death of Babur, the son of Babur, Humayun ascended the throne at Agra in 1530 AD. He had three brothers Kamran, Askari and Hindal. He appointed Kamran, Askari and Hindal the governors of Kabul, Sambhal and Mewat respectively.

Humayun was surrounded by difficulties on all sides. In 1532 AD, Humayun defeated Mahmood Lodi in the battle of Daurah. He defeated Bahadur Shah of Gujarat in 1538 AD. Shershah, ‘the Afghan Sardar attacked the Mughal army at Chausa, near Buxar in 1539 AD, and defeated Humayun in this battle. Again in 1540 AD, Humayun met Shershah in the battle of Kannauj or Bilgram and was badly defeated and fled away from the country. Shershah became the ruler of India. Humayun wandered here and there for shelter but could not stay at one place.

During this period his son Akbar was born in 1542 AD. After the death of Shershah in 1545 AD, his successors could not keep his kingdom intact. Humayun realized this situation and invaded India in 1555 AD with the help of his loyal chief Bairam Khan and captured Delhi and Agra. In this way the Mughal rule was established again in India after a gap of 15 years. He died in 1556.

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