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Significance of the Communication Process in Education

Significance of the Communication Process in Education. In the modern society, educational technology has become a panacea for all educational ills. The electronic future of our country seems to be very positive and bright in the field of education.

What is the importance of the Himalayas?

What is the importance of the Himalayas? The Himalayas form a natural boundary of the Indian sub­ continent. Since long they have formed a formidable barrier to the free movement of man. The Passes of the Himalayas are very high and in winter remain covered with snow.

Significance of commercial banks in modern economic life

Banks have become an essential part of economic life in every field. The development of agriculture and industry are not possible without banks. Modern trade also cannot be thought of without commercial banks.

4 most useful importances of a sales close

The importance of a close in the selling process cannot be over exaggerated. It has its own place. Its significance lies in the purposes it serves and the benefits it brings because, close is the much awaited result point that either gives victory or defeat. Let us summarize its significance by boiling down to the […]

What is the significance of Prospecting in salesmanship?

As noted earlier locating of potential consumer for a product or service is prospecting A resume force of prospects is critical to the success of both experienced and new sales people Prospecting is one of the most challenging components of a salesmen job.

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