The significance of demonstration is amply demonstrated by the following points, which are worth pondering. These are:

1. It wipes off Differences:

Sales take place only when the minds of salesman and the prospect meet together. There are many customers who believe in only after seeing or realizing a product, its performance or its strength or weaknesses. Such customers are not convinced by mere written or spoken words or description. Appealing to their sight is the best to reach common understanding to sink the likely difference of opinion. It is demonstration that makes it possible which has greater visual appeal.

2. It is an Opportunity of Proving:


Salesman’s hands are strengthened because, he has the golden opportunity of proving as to what he is saying. He can support his statements with validity of proof by tests, experiments or operation. If he is selling melamine crockery, which is unbreakable, he can drop an item to hit it with hammer or bang it to the wall or ground to prove its immunity to breakage or fragility or brittleness. He can also prove cotton cloth’s quality of resistance to wrinkles and shrink-age by putting a piece of cloth piece in water. Even when he is selling waterproof watches, he can put them in glassful of water for 15 minutes to 30 minutes while he is explaining.

3. It makes possible of Sensory Selling:

Best sales are affected if the customer has the freedom to use his sensory system to put the product to acid test of cold facts as he likes. Demonstration fully recognises this sensory selling and allows the product to see, touch, taste, hear, and smell it to his heart’s content and brain’s satisfaction. A survey has shown that people respond to these senses as to 87 percent to eyes; 7 percent to ears, 3.5 percent to nose; 1.5 percent to skin and 1 percent to tongue, as noted earlier. Much depends on the product and its nature as to what sense or senses will be more appealing and helpful in proving the worth of a product.

4. It reduces Sales talk:


However, demonstration is the part of sales presentation, the length of presentation and hence, the sales talk can be reduced considerably. It is so because demonstration does much more effectively and quickly than the sales talk. In absence of demonstration, the sales talk is like a pre-recorded cassette, which repeats from start to end like a parrot. It is going to be a big bore, sometimes resulting in negative sales In many cases, demonstration can take place of presentation because, all demonstration is; presentation, but all presentation is not a demonstration.

5. It Facilitates Comparison:

A demonstration makes it possible to delineate the product features in a novel and existing manner that affects buyer’s judgment or feelings via personal impressions and the prospect: understand the products features, advantages and benefits by observation or trial. They have the opportunity of comparing the products available and then come to the conclusion as to which product is superior or inferior to what extent and why? This meticulous comparative account forms the basis of purchase decision.

6. It Strengthens Sales Talk:


Sales talk or sales presentation has the purpose of convincing the prospect about the product and securing favourable attitude and action. Demonstration has the magic, which secures the attention of a prospect and prevents all the possible distractions and interruptions. It has he upper hand in getting and holding the attention for a lasting period of time during which us mind is being transformed from attention to desire to interest to conviction and finally to action. Demonstration is like a precious stone studded in the golden ring.

7. It prevents After-sale Returns:

There are greater chances of return of products once sold on one pretext or the other m the prospect or the customer. It is mainly because he has the right to return under the terms of some times mainly because he could not find the product meeting his needs. Therefore, demonstration prevents the after sale return of articles once bought because demonstration fears all his doubts and has no any chance or excuse for return. Generally, a satisfied customer does not return the goods as he has better business to do.

8. It Speeds the Process of Selling:


The selling process is a psychological process and involves several steps from prospecting: the close. In absence of demonstration, or mere presentation the process of selling will be time consuming. It is because mere oral presentation has no impinging impact. Demonstration is practical presentation than mere oral speeding the selling process. For any body, time is important. However, for business house time is more than money and is an excellent opportunity. Since, demonstration is the very heart of selling process.