The importance of a close in the selling process cannot be over exaggerated. It has its own place. Its significance lies in the purposes it serves and the benefits it brings because, close is the much awaited result point that either gives victory or defeat. Let us summarize its significance by boiling down to the following points:

1. It is Test of his Ability:

Close is expected to be the positive end and its secret lies in getting assent to the salesman’s proposal. His sales presentation efforts kiss the dust if it does not culminate in to sales order. All salesmen try to reach this stage earlier or later but only a few succeed in closing very aptly.

Thus, the close is the crucible that puts him to acid best of cold facts where his abilities are tested and measured. A salesman who closes is a salesman is to set the ball rolling and one who does not will have to close his selling line itself.


2. It adds to Earnings:

A successful close holds the promise of bringing income to the selling house and his earnings too. A salesman who earns his livelihood on the basis of commission, he makes his fortune. Therefore, a salesman who proves his hands and head at close, opens a brilliant account for his firm and himself. Thus close is an outlet or a vent for him to bank up on. That is why, it is very often repeated that a good close is for his own good.

3. It is the Cause of Motivation:

A successful or positive close is an achievement and acts as a powerful close of motivation. On the contrary, the negative close makes him temporarily rejected, gloomy and frustrated for his efforts put in have turned out to be abortive. Even a failure is a situation that makes him to improve upon because failure is the first step towards the sure success. One learns from his mistakes. However, one who learn from the mistakes. However, one who learns from his mistakes is an intelligent person.


4. It makes him Alert:

The salesman knows that successful close is the result of successful prospecting, pre-approach, approach and presentation including demonstration. Again each successive stage owns its colorful victory to the previous stage and its effective contribution. This makes him to be extra cautious, careful and alert right from early start. That is, a salesman who wants to have effective and result-yielding close, opens each stage with full vigor and vitality. It puts him on his toes for the very beginning because there is no shortcut to success.