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How is the Inspector of Schools appointed?

How is the Inspector of Schools appointed? Before independence, the Inspector of schools was acting like an old feudal lord, because of his strategic position between schools and the State Department of Education.

Should corporal punishment be abolished in schools?

Corporal punishment is meted out to students at school by their teachers, for minor acts of indiscipline or misbehaviour. This is done by caning or spanking them in public, which is a retributive form of punishment.

What is the importance of Teaching English in Schools?

Like any other activities, in teaching also one should be conscious of what is going to be achieved. This is called aim or objective of instruction. If the teacher will be clear about his aims, his task becomes meaningful and his planning for the same becomes effective.

Notes on different Schools of Law

There are different schools of law. The Positive or Imperative or Analytical school of Law led by John Austrin views law as the command of the sovereign who is a determinate human superior noncompliance of whose authority is visited with physical punishment.

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