(i) The play ground should be clearly marked and lined and properly maintained;

(ii) Students are acquainted with the tulles and regu­lations of different games;

(iii) The real spirit behind games should be fostered among students so that they can realism the significance of fair play, justice, team spirit etc.

(iv) To stimulate healthy rivalry, inter team matches should be organized in the schools and matches between school steams of other schools.


(v) P. E. T. should supervise the different activities and handle different problems tactfully and sympathetically;

(vi) Along with games, regular programme of sports, long jump, high jump, kamahi, race etc., should also be organized;

(vii) Games must be compulsory for all students;

(viii) For purchasing games material and maintaining. The field a fee should be collected from the students;


(ix) Teachers must guard against the unhealthy rivalry and jealousies among the students play­ing different games;

(x) For students with ill health indoor games must be provided;

(xi) Prizes and awards for efficiency in games must be given to the students;

(xii) The head of the institution should take a keen interest in the whole programme.


In addition to the provision of games and sports in every institution there should be a regular programme of Physical training and one period in a week should be allotted for each class for doing physical exercise under the dance of trained P. E. T.

The physical education in different school will vary according to facilities, needs and interests of students and other local conditions, planning a programme, the inherent interest and elites of the students, the needs of the students, the social values of the activities, the local conditions and the existing facilities should never be lost sight of.

Whether the sport is compulsory or optional, the aim should be to provide the facilities and the opportunity that will make it Possible for all students to participate in physical acti­ves.

However, physical education is an integral part of general education. It is education through physical actions for the development of the total personality of the Health and recreation is results while physical education ‘activities are means.’ According to H.C Buck, properly directed physical education should result in happiness, efficiency and character.”