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Notes on the Khilafat and Non-Co-operation Movements

Notes on the Khilafat and Non-Co-operation Movements. The Khilafat movement was organized by Mohamed Ali and Shaukat AH in protest against the injustice done to Turkey after the war. In 1920, the Congress adopted the Non-Co­operation Movement under the leadership of Gandhiji.

Notes on Indian National Movements (1927-1947)

Communal parties were narrow minded in outlook and displayed an anti-national, unpatriotic attitude towards the problem of independence. Their immediate goal was not freedom for India, but the extraction of petty favours from the British for the upper-classes of their communities.

How Reform Movements Spread in India?

In 1867, the Prarthna Samaj was founded in Bombay. Mahadev Govinda Ranade joined it. Its religious and social reforms were similar to those of the Brahmo Samaj.

Notes on the history of Muslim Reform Movements

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed had founded the Ahmediya Movement in 1899. Under this movement a number of schools and colleges were opened all over India, imparting modern education.

Difference between Khilafat and Non-Co-operation Movements

It was a country wide movement. This movement was started by Alt brothers, Mohammed Ali and Shukot All, in order to show their agitation to the government as the Muslims/Turkey were ill treated. The Muslim’s religious leader Khalif lives there.

15 essential points on religion, social reform and cultural awakening movements in India

15 essential points on religion, social reform and cultural awakening movements in India. In the nineteenth century AD, a spirit of reform began in India. It focused on both religious and social issues. Another reformer was Ishawar Chandra Vidyasagar. He did a great deal of work in the field of education and reforms for the […]

Notes on Reform Movements among the Indian Muslims

The need for the reform was felt by the Muslims only in the early 19th century AD. The reformists felt that Islam in India had degenerated. They took upon themselves the task of purifying and strengthening Islam.

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