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What are the Causes of High Birth-Rate in India?

What are the Causes of High Birth-Rate in India? Marriage is a social necessity so all the marriageable males and females get married. A study of 1970 shows 50 women out of 1000 were unmarried in the U.S.A. but in India it was only…

Brief note on High power money

The total liability of RBI is called high powered money or reserve money or monetary base. It includes deposits with commercial banks and deposits held by RBI.

What are the factors influencing High-Tech Entrepreneurship in India?

The factors influencing High-Tech Entrepreneurship in India are 1. The rapid pace of globalization and the fast growth of Asian economies present tremendous opportunities and challenges for India. 2. Increasing outsourcing to India not just for services but also for core business, engineering activities and cutting edge R&D work.

What are the advantages of high yielding varieties of crops?

Some of the most important advantages of high yielding verities of crops are:- The high yielding varieties of crops are dwarf. Due to short height, their plants are stronger and hence can withstand strong winds. The problem of lodging is less in these improved varieties.

What are the causes of High Birth Rate in India ?

While we have succeeded in bringing down our death rate we have not been able to control the birth rate in our country. Come reasons are listed here. The preference of a male child is still very strong in our country because of religious beliefs and social conditioning.

Five important high mountain regions of India

Arunachal Pradesh the biggest of the eastern states, is drained by the many tributaries. The state has a very small population. Most of the people are tribal’s and their main occupation is farming and hunting.

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