What are the factors influencing High-Tech Entrepreneurship in India?


1. The rapid pace of globalization and the fast growth of Asian economies present tremendous opportunities and challenges for India.

2. Increasing outsourcing to India not just for services but also for core business, engineering activities and cutting edge R&D work.

3. IT off-shoring industry has spawned market for number of ancillary industries like entertainment, media, transportation, hospitality, infrastructure etc.


4. ‘Micro-Multinational’ model gaining popularity providing globalization of talent, markets, business models and capital.

5. Migration of number of Business unit functions.

6. World class knowledge of technology, markets, systems, adhering to global quality standards.

7. In the investment, intellectual property protection, information security, and telecommunication infrastructure sector, India is probably the most advanced in the world. The government policies provide the right environment for them.


8. American-born children of Indian immigrants emerging as the new generation of high-tech-entrepreneurs equally familiar with both cultures and operate in a transnational context.

9. Mushroomed new high-tech, clusters like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Noida which offer infrastructure including broadband access and a skilled labor pool.

10. Access to high end technology.

11. Semi-conductor fabs, nano-technology perks etc. being set up.


12. Parma, life-sciences, bio-tech and other industries becoming attractive

High Value early stage opportunities arise from:

Knowledge of high technology development across the world.

Availability of talent that has exposure to both MNC and startup work.


Potential to serve both international and domestic market.

Changing mind-set and willingness to take risk emerging faster among the young brains.

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