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Leadership Styles

Leadership style means the pattern of behaviour a leader follows or adopts for influencing the followers or the subordinates working in the enterprise. What style of leadership a leader adopts depends on an array of factors such as his personality traits, value system and experience. Leadership style varies from person to person at the same […]

Advertising Agency

An advertising agency is a company that helps advertisers create advertisements and place them with appropriate media. An agency is purely a service business, manufacturing nothing. Its “products” are ideas for what will make good advertising, its assets are creativity and expertise. Advertising agencies have specialized in the service of creating and preparing advertising. The […]

Types of Advertising

Advertising has been defined as “mass, paid communication, the ultimate purpose of which is to impart information, develop attitudes and in­duce actions beneficial to the advertiser”. Advertising is one of the promotion techniques categorically used to impact the demand for product in the market. The word ‘advertise’ originates from the Latin word ‘advertere’ which means […]


Product is the first and the foremost element of marketing mix. If the product itself is defective no other element can improve its performance. A firm expresses itself through its products and services. Therefore, planning and development of products is a vital issue in business. A product is an aggregate of various tangible and intangible […]

Elements of Marketing Mix

Everything you need to know about the elements of marketing mix. Marketing Mix is the set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market. Marketing is the business function that identifies a customer’s needs, and wants, determines the target markets which the organization can serve best, and […]

11 most essential elements of a Society

11 most essential elements of a Society. Society possesses a number of elements. Following are the important elements or characteristics of society.

What are the essential elements of family planning?

The term family welfare is now used in place of the previous term family planning. Family welfare signifies “the improvement of the quality of health and welfare of the entire family”.

What are the essential elements of Community ?

A community always occupies a definite geographical area. Locality is the physical .basis of community. Without a definite locality, social relations between human beings cannot be established and the ‘we’ feeling cannot evolve.

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