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5 differences between counter and travelling salesmanship

Counter salesmanship is practiced in single place that is in the retail outlet or show-room or shop establishment of a fixed locality. Counter salesmanship does its work of persuasion and convincing and getting the order at the counter.

What do you mean by counter salesmanship ?

The phrase “counter salesmanship” has been derived from the original word “Counter”. According to Oxford dictionary, the word “counter” means the table in a shop in which money is counted and across which goods are delivered.

What are the features of a Counter Salesman?

The basic features of a salesman who is called as counter salesman are: (1) He stands out in all retail organisation. That is, his presence is a must; (2) His work is comparatively easier as he welcomes his customers, greets them and attends them and books the orders and delivers the products depending on the […]

What are the essential features of counter salesmanship ?

The term ‘counter’ or phrase ‘Counter Salesmanship’ has been derived from the original word ‘Counter’. A counter is the table is an establishment on which goods are presented and delivered to the buyer or his representative, in return for money.

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