The distinctions are as follows:-

1. The place of work

Counter salesmanship is practiced in single place that is in the retail outlet or show-room or shop establishment of a fixed locality. Counter salesmanship does its work of persuasion and convincing and getting the order at the counter. It is a routine place of work which is easier. On the other hand, travelling salesmanship is practiced on the move under changing places, climate moving from one customer to another. That is, in case of counter salesmanship, the customer is at his door while in case of travelling salesmanship, salesmen is at doors of the customers.

2. The nature of work

The work of a counter salesman is relatively routine type namely, to welcome the customer and book the orders and deliver the goods. He is more an order-booking clerk, at the counter. On the other hand, travelling salesman’s work is one of pioneering, breaking the new ice, creating desire, demand and order. It is not mere order booking task. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can be a counter-sales but not a travelling salesman at any rate.

3. The rewards

It is but natural that the efforts and rewards are well-balanced under normal circumstances. In case of counter salesmanship, the remuneration is comparatively lower as there are not greater sacrifices on his part. Even if one such salesman leaves the unit, another can easily replace him. The mode of remuneration is mostly salary or commission or salary and commission. On the other hand, the demands of travelling salesmanship are really high warranting a good deal of sacrifice of his personal pleasures and family attachment working under odd conditions, places, climates and health hazards. These naturally qualify his for higher rewards to get. Really a good travelling salesman is a matter of luck. His remuneration is not merely salary but commission and bonus, baiting of high promotions.

4. The control


Every pay-master has the unpleasant task of supervising or controlling the performance of his sales army. Controlling salesman on the counter is much easier as his is working under the very nose of higher ups or the boss. However, exercising control over the travelling salesman is a really an up heat task as he is away from the employer. So far, employer on his sales manager has not developed any remote control device to regulate and monitor the performance of these travelers.