What are the features of a Counter Salesman?


The basic features of a salesman who is called as counter salesman are:

(1) He stands out in all retail organisation. That is, his presence is a must;

(2) The customers come to him—the sales outlet and to the counter he is serving the customers;


(3) He sells variety of goods with widest assortment in product line;

(4) He is trained most in case of large retail organisation or might be even in-trained in case of small organisations;

(5) His customers are regular that is, those who visit at certain definite time intervals;

(6) His work is comparatively easier as he welcomes his customers, greets them and attends them and books the orders and delivers the products depending on the availability or the needs of customers;


(7) He is assisted by his colleagues in cases of emergencies or rush hours;

(8) He is generally paid on the basis of fixed salary or salary and commission.

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