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Descriptive essay for bank PO exam on Why Do I Like A Bank Job

Descriptive essay for bank PO exam on Why Do I Like A Bank Job. I have a liking for all such activities which have a social bent and significance. As it applies to other aspects of life it does to the choice of profession, vocation and job too.

Notes on Mock Interview for Bank Clerk Exam

Interview is the measuring rod of a person’s Knowledge, personality and Power of expression through face to face contact. A popular quotation best describes the purpose of an interview.

7 Main Functions of a Commercial Bank

The main functions of commercial banks are accepting deposits from the public and advancing them loans. However, besides these functions there are many other functions which these banks perform. All these functions can be divided under the following heads:

What is a Central Bank?

In the monetary and banking set-up of a country, central bank occupies central position and perhaps, it is because of this fact that this is called as the central bank. In this way, this bank works as an institution whose main objective is to control and regulate money supply keeping in view the welfare of […]

8 most important functions of a Central Bank of India

Central banking functions have evolved gradually over decades. Their evolution has been guided by ever-changing need to find new methods of regulating, guiding and helping the financial system (particularly, the banks).

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