Descriptive essay for bank PO exam on Why Do I Like A Bank Job


I have a liking for all such activities which have a social bent and significance. As it applies to other aspects of life it does to the choice of profession, vocation and job too. Banks have the widest social bearing not simply in India but the whole world. They are the biggest lending and borrowing institutions in the country and cover almost all groups of people and industries. Thus one serving in a bank has the opportunity to have contacts with all shades of people rich and poor.

Of late banks have taken to social banking. They do not cater only to the needs of industries and rich businessmen. They have penetrated into the rural areas, and help the small farmers, village artisans and others to establish their independent work.

Loans are given for farming, workshops, dairying, poultry and tube wells. Only loans are not given but the people are inspired and guided by the field officers. In a way the bank field officers have become social workers. I would like to seek this opportunity to help the poor.


In urban area too, banks have made experiments to help the downtrodden. They help the poor to stand on their own. Some of the banks lend money to green-grocers, barbers, petty tailors, cycle-rickshaw pullers, three wheeler drivers and many other categories. In the service of bank I would like to enlarge the sphere of these activities to help the poorest of the poor and free them from the clutches of the village mahajan and city financier.

I have a fancy for the schemes of the government which have given a boost to the electronic industry. It is with the assistance of Banks that many producers like a mechanic or a junior engineer sets up his own small factory to manufacture small parts. Thus I would serve the cause of the middle classes.

Banks are the treasury of the country. One who serves in a bank has the satisfaction to be amidst riches. It I am in a bank the money won’t be mine. But I shall have the satisfaction of being the guardian of most essential resources of the nation for the individual, social and national development. It may look childish; I have a fancy for it.

As banks are the pivot of the monetary structure of the country, banking is the richest establishment. Banks have the highest paying capacity.


Thus a job in a bank is most remunerative. An ordinary officer starts with a better salary than a lecturer in a University. A clerk reaches a sealing in salary which even the Principal of an Inter college does not reach. Naturally I have a fancy for such a remunerative post. One’s social status depends upon one’s financial position. I would like to maintain my standard among middle class people.

One of the greatest personal enchantments for the bank service is that it has been declared an industry. It has the largest number of members in one nationalized sector after the railways. Thus it has the most powerful trade unions of class II, class III and class IV employees. A strong trade union means better job security. It also means association of dearness allowance with the price index. As the prices are soaring high these days it is only a man in the industries who gets the benefit of an automatic increase in allowances.

A bank job is an easy affair for a man who can prove his worth in the competitive examinations. As I have no access to men in high positions I would like to prove my worth through competitive examinations. It would give me more confidence in later life not to depend upon pulls and approaches but on my capability and efficiency.

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