Interview is the measuring rod of a person’s Knowledge, personality and Power of expression through face to face contact. A popular quotation best describes the purpose of an interview.

“An interview provides an inner-view of an individual.” Interviews are most widely used selection technique. After globalization and privatization great deals of opportunities have been created for the job seekers to shape their career in various fields.

Certainly there is cut-throat competition all around us. The important of interview has indeed increased greatly. Where there is competition, there is definitely an interview today. It is the ultimate Iron Gate to be broken to secure a good job. If you wish to be at the top of the list and aspire for success in your career, you should learn the technique of doing your best in the interview.

The primary objective of an interview is to select the right person for the right job. No matter how impressive a resume may be, no matter how high the ranking in the written test be, the aspirant must be well aware of the significance of interview.


The two important factors which play a decisive role in the interview are your Knowledge and also the power of expression. An aspirant must undergo mock interview. It enables you get an actual feel of what facing an interview could actually be.